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Review: Lime Crime Velvetine

Ladies in Singapore, are you onto the matte lipstick trend yet? If you are, you probably would have heard about Lime Crime’s Velvetine wet-to-matte liquid lipsticks from USA that stay touch-proof and transfer-proof. If you’ve not jumped on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon yet, what better way to start than with Lime Crime Velvetines?

Like a Kiss From a Rose

“Yes, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey…” This just about sums up the concept of Lime Crime Velvetines! I remember when the Velvetines were first launched in 2012: Only two shades were available for sale – Red Velvet and Suedeberry.

I was so excited to get my Red Velvet, which was likened to a red, red rose petal. (I was never drawn to Suedeberry because I look like a clown in coral lip colours, don’t even ask me why.)

Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet

When I finally tried the product, I was really impressed by how lovely it looked on me, and how true it was to its claim: It lasted through a meal effortlessly.

Full face look with Lime Crime Red Velvet

Velvet Addicted

Lime Crime website does warn that their Velvetines are utterly addictive and they are right. There is always crazy demand for their products, it seems.

With the success of Red Velvet and Suedeberry, Lime Crime began to roll out other colours like Pink Velvet (bright true pink), Wicked (burgundy red), Black Velvet (matte black), Salem (dark brown), Utopia (vibrant orchid), Pansy (purple), and more recently, Cashmere (greige), Riot (muted red) and Rave (electric lavender).

Full face makeup with Lime Crime Pink Velvet

It was only two years later that I acquired my second Velvetine, Pink Velvet through the Carousell mobile app. By this time though, I was on medication for my skin that seriously dried out my lips. So while Pink Velvet was as long-lasting as Red Velvet was, provided I applied two coats prior to eating, it looked kind of a hot mess on me afterwards.

Here’s a closeup of Pink Velvet:

Lime Crime Pink Velvet up close

I was kind of hoping it would be a warmer shade of pink, but after comparing other pink lipstick shades, I concluded Pink Velvet is neither warm, nor cool, and what we call a “true pink” colour. But hell, it sure is bright! :P

Matte Love

Here’s what my collection of Lime Crime Velvetine is almost like:

L-R: Lime Crime Wicked, Riot, Pink Velvet and Red Velvet

Next up, I got myself Riot, and paid SGD38 for it on Carousell. Riot and Cashmere are two very hot new shades that everyone seems to want to get their hands and lips on. I wasn’t sure if Cashmere was going to make me look washed out, so I opted for the safer choice of Riot first:

Lime Crime Riot Velvetine close-up

What do you think? I really love the colour: Muted, earthy, marsala red that doesn’t overpower the face or draw attention to the lips, but yet adds a touch of colour to the face. The colour tends to look darker with extra application or coat of Riot, which makes it more versatile.

Here’s a full makeup look with Riot Velvetine:

Full makeup look with Lime Crime Riot Velvetine

The only downside I experienced with Riot was that it tended not to last through a meal as well as its predecessors, Red Velvet and Pink Velvet did. Colour would fade from the middle of the lips first, and while pursing and smacking my lips together after a meal would spread the remaining colour all over my lips, I was a tad disappointed.

This brings me to the final shade: Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine.

Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine

This one was an utter disappointment. Firstly, I had seen swatches and photos of Wicked, and the colour seemed to look different on different people. On some, it looked redder and less burgundy (hence not as dark), while others, like me, it turned out dark burgundy. I was hoping it was going to be a dark sexy red on me but alas :(

That was not all. I put it to the food test and it lost colour from the middle even more than Riot did. Smacking my lips together only made it patchier, and being the dark colour it is, it looked horrendous, trust me.

Needless to say, I sold it off promptly after one swatch and am now waiting for my Cashmere to come in. I am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint!

Controversial, much?

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the company Lime Crime: The way the owner Doe Deere does her marketing, how she treats distributors, how she isn’t truthful in the way she represents her products etc, etc.

I do not want to perpetuate any rumours so what I would say is that I am mostly apathetic to it. I have never really gone into researching the details of all the controversy surrounding her company and brand, and I am more interested in the product and quality over anything.

I suppose, if the quality of Cashmere turns out to have suffered like Riot, maybe it’s high time I look elsewhere for a product that actually lasts like it says it would. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the Velvetines in my collection for what they’re worth!

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated to Lime Crime in any way so this is a completely unbiased review, based on my experience with their products.

Chinese New Fleur Couture

It’s appalling how time flies by, isn’t it, without any mercy or regard for those of us who actually dread ageing?! :P Chinese New Year came and went, and I realised I didn’t exactly follow my own advice in my previous blog post, which talked about pairing a ZALORA BASICS burgundy handkerchief hem top with black leggings.

But my fashion choices were close enough. In fact, I did wear that ensemble from my previous post for the Lunar New Year reunion dinner. It’s just that, we Chinese tend to believe that we should wear new clothes for the first day of the Lunar New Year, perhaps for auspicious reasons?

Practical & convenient solution

And so, armed with limited time (as I had a boatload of things to do to prepare for my sister, brother-in-law and nephew visiting over the holidays) and budget, I went online (AGAIN) to ZALORA to see if I could score at least a blouse or top that was stylish, affordable and NOT BLACK.

And I found this lovely floral top with butterfly sleeves (yep, my favourite) from the Future State label on ZALORA:

Future State Butterfly Sleeved Top

Last year, for CNY, it was Future State from ZALORA that saved the day too. This was the blouse I had procured from Future State for CNY in 2014:

Butterfly sleeved top with surplice neckline from Future State x ZALORA

That top remains one of my favourites to date, to pair with my black leggings that seem to mark my personal style these days. So how did I look with my CNY choice this year? (Click to enlarge photo below.)

Future State butterfly sleeved top, Mango biker leggings & Nine West heels, all from ZALORA

What I really liked about this Future State top was its fitted waist, the splash of CNY-friendly colours like hot pink, orange and neutrals (without having to go ang pao red), and the conservative neckline, which means I don’t have to wear a tube under it. Hurray! Of course, I have said before that I love, love, love butterfly sleeves! Here’s another look (click to enlarge photo):

Another look at ZALORA’s Future State top, Mango biker leggings & Nine West FARAWELL peeptoe heels

If you shop from ZALORA as much as I do, you’d really appreciate discounts or any form of ZALORA cashback. Recently, I stumbled upon one such site: ShopBack is a coupon and cashback site that collates the best promo codes to help you to save more, giving you cashback on top of that too! So gals, go forth and shop to your hearts’ content ;)

Before I go, would just like to share a gratuitous selfie/makeup look that I did for CNY to go with my sartorial ensemble:

CNY makeup look to match my outfit

Happy shopping ladies! Will be back with more regular posts featuring nails soon so do stick around! :D

Chinese New Year Fashion Ideas

Hallo lovelies, 2015 is here! Have you gals been busy making New Year’s Resolutions or are they too much of a bother? ;)

Seeing as how Chinese New Year will be coming around in no time, here are some sartorial ideas from ZALORA Singapore. While ethnic cheongsams are beautiful and epitomise the spirit of CNY, I am the sort of person who prefers buying separates that I would actually wear all year round. I suspect I am not the only one out there who feels this way, so I “curated” a few pieces from ZALORA Singapore that I could combine in an ensemble suitable for Chinese New Year.

RED for a Red-letter Day

Did you ladies know that Marsala, an earthy wine red colour, is the Pantone colour for 2015?

ZALORA BASICS handkerchief hem tank top & Mango biker leggings

While the ZALORA BASICS handkerchief hem tank top featured above (click photo to enlarge) is in burgundy, at least they are both wine colours LOL! I like the flamboyant touch the hem adds to the piece, as swirling around makes the asymmetrical hem dance around your waist, kinda like a flamenco skirt. The best part is the top retails for less than SGD20, and you can get two or more such tops in different colours for 20% off the usual price too.

ZALORA BASICS handkerchief hem top, Mango biker leggings, Nine West Farawell Peep toe Heels

In this particular ensemble, I’ve paired two different black leggings with the same burgundy top. While some may argue that black is not a suitable colour to don for CNY, I believe that if your entire get-up isn’t black, with a pop of colour like red, gold, orange, etc, that’s ok :) The Mango biker leggings above unfortunately are no longer available on ZALORA, but were going at a steal of SGD39 (I got them for slightly over SGD30 with discount codes). I love the zip detail at the ankles; yup they’re real functional zips!

Same top paired with UNKUT PVC Quilt Detail Leggings

If you can’t already tell: I’m a leggings gal, and have been wearing my Miss Selfridge black leggings to death, so I really needed alternative choices! Like the photo above, here’s another look at a sexy pair of PVC leggings for that rock chick look, from brand UNKUT, Paris. These also feature zips at the pocket area, but they are just for decorative purposes. The knees feature a quilt detail design, hence they’re called Quilt Detail Leggings.

Another full-length look at the UNKUT PVC Quilt Detail Leggings (sorry for the blur quality)

As it happened, I wore a very similar ensemble (just a different pair of leggings from River Island which ZALORA also carries) for my singing performance sometime in November 2014 at the Residents’ Day @ Cactus Park:

And of course, how could we forget about shoes? Nothing screams stylish like a pair of high heeled shoes, and this pair of FARAWELL peep toe heels from Nine West is, can I say, TO DIE FOR? Also, the pair’s now retailing on ZALORA for less than half price, so it was definitely a great find for me :P

Nine West Farawell Peep Toe Heels

I hope this post has inspired some fashion ideas for the upcoming Lunar New Year next month. I’ve had a number of misses and had to return some items, but so far have had minimal problems whatsoever with ZALORA’s returns process. What’s most important though is the fun in experimenting, right? Getting my ZALORA parcel always makes me feel like a kid on Boxing Day morning, hardly able to contain my excitement as I unwrap the parcel and put on what I’ve received.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2015! :D

Review: Nails Inc. Bling It On London

Hallo lovelies, it’s time for a long-overdue nail feature today! :P

Before I get into it though, here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite:

Image courtesy of http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Can you guess what I’ll be featuring today? Yup, I’ll be featuring some nail bling all right, from an English nail polish brand too!

Keep Calm and Bling It On London

Today, I’ll be featuring the brand Nails Inc. that hails from the UK. To be honest, I’ve been curious about Nails Inc. for the longest time since I heard about this brand from my sister, who lives in the UK. Another confession: This is the first time I am trying Nails Inc. too!

Like Ciaté, Nails Inc. entered the Singapore market around the same time last year in Sephora. And ZALORA Singapore is now carrying selected Nails Inc. sets at discounted rates :D Prices at Sephora range from SGD40-50 but at ZALORA Singapore, the sets retail for SGD20-36 (excluding delivery charges)! Cool, ain’t it?

Nails Inc. Bling It On London set

As you can see, the set features two mini polishes in cobalt blue and silver foil, as well as four beautiful crown bling embellishments:

What the Nails Inc. Bling It On London set contains

Here are the details of what the set contains:
- Nails Inc. Baker Street cobalt blue polish (4 ml)
- Nails Inc. South Kensington silver foil effect polish (4 ml)
- 4 x crystal crown embellishments
- Nail glue (3 g)
- Cuticle stick

Frankly speaking, up to date, I don’t have any experience using a nail glue to stick studs or other embellishments on my nails. This set called out to me on ZALORA Singapore’s Nails Inc. page mainly because of the buzz I’ve heard around their Baker Street cobalt blue polish. Yet at the same time, I was also curious about these metallic foil effect polishes that have been quite popular of late, since OPI’s release of Gwen Stefani’s Push and Shove foil effect polish. Click to enlarge the photo below for detailed instructions:

Detailed instructions on how to use Nails Inc. Bling It On London

How to use Bling It On London

I started off by applying the base coat I normally use: CND Stickey Base on the nails I planned to paint the Baker Street cobalt blue polish after. I did a bit of research on the Nails Inc. South Kensington silver foil polish and read that no base coat should be used for that:

Apply base coat before painting

I then proceeded to paint 2-3 coats of the nail polishes. Instead of following the featured picture and painting one colour for each hand, I decided to switch it up a bit by combining the silver and blue on both hands, but with one hand being a reverse mani of the other, like so:

Combining Baker Street and South Kensington on left hand

Combining the polishes in a reverse mani on the right hand

Next up, after having painted and applied top coat (I usually do two coats of top coat) on all nails, I proceeded to work on sticking the crystal crown embellishments to my accent nails: thumb nails and ring fingernails.

Holding the crystal crown with a pair of tweezers after applying nail glue

The nail glue should be applied to the nail, as well as the back of the crown stud. Then, press the crown firmly on the chosen nail for at least 60 seconds or until it sets. The last step is to apply nail glue under the embellishment using the cuticle stick, for the surfaces of the crown that do not lie flat on the nail:

Parts of the crown will not lie flat on the nail surface

Apply nail glue on the flat surface of the cuticle stick to reach under the crown embellishment:

Applying nail glue on the flat end of the cuticle stick


There we go! Here are the final results:

The final results on my right hand

The final results on my left hand

True to what the packaging says, the embellishments eventually fell off one by one over the next couple of days. I was lucky I was able to find them all, but otherwise, the method of removal would be to soak the accent nails with crowns in acetone, to dissolve the nail glue. The crowns can then be re-used again.

Before I go, here’s another look at the final Nails Inc. Bling It On London manicure:

The final Nails Inc. Bling It On London manicure on my left hand

The final Nails Inc. Bling It On London manicure on my right hand

I must say, I really liked the look of the final manicure especially due to the lovely bling crowns, although I did wish they would stay on my nails longer. I also loved the cobalt blue Baker Street, and was pleasantly surprised that I liked the silver foil South Kensington look more than I thought I would have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nail feature. Would you try this set or other Nails Inc. sets?

Nail Art: Ciaté Flower Manicure in Strike A Posy

Great day, lovelies! I’m back with a feature on nails again (my pet subject obviously) and this time it’s a spotlight on nail art!

Inspired by the Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2014 floral prints, Ciaté Creative Director Charlotte Knight conceptualised a couple of flower manicure sets that allow users like you and me to adorn our nails with natural dried pressed flowers. Ain’t that a neat idea?

Ciaté Flower Manicure in Strike A Posy

Now, Ciaté isn’t new to the nail art scene. I remember back when I really got into the swing of painting my own nails in late 2012, I had cottoned to their Caviar Manicure trend and wanted a little fish-egg action on my own nails but Ciaté wasn’t available in Singapore then. Luckily, my sister lives in the UK, home of Ciaté, so it came as no surprise my 2013 birthday request was for a Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar set (more pictures of the caviar manicure at the end of this post!)

Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar set

Ciaté in Singapore

It wasn’t long after that when Sephora Singapore started carrying the brand Ciaté in its stores in 2013. But the prices weren’t exactly cheap: Their Caviar Manicure sets were retailing at SGD34 each, while their individual nail polishes called Paint Pots were going for SGD20 a pop.

Since then, Ciaté has come up with many different nail art sets and ideas: Velvet Manicure which uses flocking powder to create a velvet texture on nails, Sequined Manicure, Chalkboard Manicure, Very Colourfoil Manicure, Feathered Manicure, Corrupted Neon Manicure, Shell Manicure and the Flower Manicure, which I’ll be featuring in this post. So much fun, right (if you have all the money in the world to spend on your nails, that is)??

Ciaté Flower Manicure: 5 ml Candy Floss pink polish, 13.5 ml fast dry top coat, 2 pots of dried flowers, tweezers & nail file

But. But. BUT. Now Ciaté is available on ZALORA SG and at an attractive discount too!

For example, Ciaté’s flower manicure set is going for SGD23 on ZALORA Singapore instead of SGD34 at Sephora Singapore (note this doesn’t include the delivery charge of SGD3.90 for purchases below SGD40). I just couldn’t pass up the offer!

How to Use

I’ve taken a pic of the instruction manual so you can see how easy this Flower Manicure can be achieved. I gotta admit, I did get a bit of anxiety because I didn’t know if I was going to mess it up, and I’ve been doing my own nails weekly for about 2 years now!

Ciaté Flower Manicure instruction manual (please click to enlarge)

I’m going to try and show the process step-by-step the best I can, considering I have only 2 hands and one of them has to hold the camera! ;) (This is one of those times when having a partner comes in handy, pun intended!)

But before we do that, here’s a closer look at the polishes and pressed flowers included in Ciaté’s Flower Manicure set:

5 ml Candy Floss, 13.5 ml Speed Coat Pro, and 4 types of dried flowers included

In the Strike a Posy (love the pun!) set, four different types of flowers are included: Yellow flowers, blue flowers, yellow “baby’s breath-like filler flowers” and vanilla-coloured “baby’s breath-like flowers”.

Before starting, I actually picked out each flower just to see how many dried flowers were included in the set. The flowers look deceptively little in the pots, but after picking them out, I realised that Ciaté had included a pretty generous portion of flowers in each set! They also smelt like how dried flowers would (you would know if you used to press flowers to make bookmarks etc) :P

PVA glue base on select fingernails before base coat

I prepped my nails with PVA glue base coat on three of my nails (it’s the white substance you see on my nails in above picture). Why 3 nails only? Well, I used to apply the PVA glue on all nails if I wanted to remove glitter polish easily by peeling them off since we know that glitter polish is a pita to remove, but found that my polish on my most-used fingers: index and middle nails would pop off sometimes barely a day or two after applying. Hence I skip the PVA glue on those nails to prolong wear and it’s worked so far!

Base coat applied on top of PVA glue after it’s dried

After the PVA glue’s dried, it will turn clear, and then I apply my base coat, CND Stickey Base, on top. Although the instructions in Ciaté’s manual didn’t talk about using a base coat, I do it out of habit and to protect nails from possible staining, etc.

A look at Ciaté’s brush from the Candy Floss mini paint pot

Here’s a closer look at how Ciaté’s brush looks like. I’ve compared the mini brush with the full-sized ones and they are similar in width.

Two thick coats of Ciaté Candy Floss

And so I started by painting two thickish coats of Ciaté Candy Floss, a bubblegum pink colour, on my nails. Formula was mostly self-levelling but can be slightly streaky if you are not careful so it’s best to use light strokes without going over a spot too many times.

After applying flowers on all nails before top coat & buffing with nail file

This is the important part: Top coat should be applied one nail at a time, and I recommend picking out the flowers you want on each nail beforehand. So pick out the specific flowers you want on your thumb nail (ha ha), for example, apply the top coat on only the nail on your thumb. Then working quickly, use the tweezers to apply the flowers you picked out on to the nail while it’s still wet, tapping them gently into place with the tweezer. This is how it looks like (above picture) before sealing with top coat and buffing the excess flowers sticking out from the free edge of the nails.

After applying top coat to seal the flowers, and buffing the excess flowers

Next, seal the flowers by applying a coat of top coat on each nail. Follow this up by buffing any excess flowers sticking out from the sides and free edges of the nails downwards with the nail file included (above picture shows these steps done before cleanup).

Post cleanup!

And voila! This is the product after clean-up! (I apologise for the poor picture quality.) As the Ciaté top coat was a bit on the thin side, I finished off with another thick coat of Poshé super fast drying top coat, to smoothen the surface of my nails further (important for those of us who rub our eyes).

What do you think of this floral manicure by Ciaté? Do you love the idea? Would you try it?
I must say I do like it as it’s quite easy to get pretty nail art without having to be artistic etc. Also it’s still looking good 3-4 days into wearing it.

As promised, here are some pics of the Ciaté Caviar Manicure I tried using the Mini Bar set:

Caviar Manicure micropearls in Candy Shop (ring nail) & Jubilee (thumb) for CNY 2013

Ciaté Caviar Manicure micropearls in Candy Shop (thumb) and Jubilee (ring nail) for CNY 2013

Ciaté Velvet Manicure in Mink Cashmere on all nails except Caviar Mani in Hologram on ring nail

Ciaté Caviar Manicure in Prom Queen on ring fingernail

Awesome paw-some much? Ciaté Caviar Manicure sets are e-tailing on ZALORA Singapore for SGD18-27 (excluding delivery charges), and Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure, Feathered Manicure and Corrupted Neon Manicure sets are going for SGD23 each. Select Ciaté Paint Pots are on sale at SGD16 a bottle.

ZALORA Singapore also carries a range of Nails Inc. manicure sets as well so go grab them before they run out!

Till then, toodles xx